The lonely Snowglobe

I have vowed to get some sewing time in today!  So far, laundry and decorating the Christmas Tree has been taking up my time but the tree is nearly done.   I pulled out my Snowglobe kit which I had worked on a little while on vacation last fall — very little in fact since there’s only this one little lonely snowglobe finished.

It needs 8 more blocks before I can start setting them together but several more have the pieces all cut out and ready to go and they are pretty quick to hand applique so I hope to make some progress on those this afternoon.  I had hoped to have it finished and hung by Christmas.  I don’t see that happening but hope to get it finished and quilted while on vacation the end of the month so it can hang the rest of the winter season.

Each year I usually buy a couple of new ornaments to add to the collection for the tree — or sometimes more than a couple! 🙂  This year so far, only two cute little birds that clip on.  The clip on ornaments fill in those spots where a hanging one just won’t fit.  Here’s one of them – a little bluebird only about and inch and a half long.

So many ornaments bring back fond memories of past Christmases.  The most precious are the old ones.  I have about a half dozen  that were my Mother’s grandmothers.  More than a 100 years old now.  They are flaking paint, a little more each year, but the still sparkle on the tree.  Then there’s another group that my parents got when first married that I remember from our trees growing up – they’re now over 50 years old.  There was one disaster tho as I was unwrapping them.  A large – nearly 5″ in diameter pretty ball that when I went to pick it up, popped into pieces.  Luckily still in the tissue paper so there wasn’t a huge mess (or an cuts to my poor fingers) to clean up.  Just one more box of ornaments to go and I can get all the boxes off my couch and stored away again. 

Here’s another favorite, my star for the top of the tree.  All the ornaments are European glass style and sparkle and shine so nice against the white tree.

And clearly I’m drawn to pinecones and acorns since there’s no less than a dozen different ornaments that are one of the two styles.

Time to finish getting those ornaments on the tree and then to some sewing.


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  1. Aren’t the old ornaments just wonderful? All that remembering as we hang them. I, too, am working on my tree. Have it all put together and will have help decorating it later.

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