Holiday Gift ideas

I may have to hire friend Janet T and her daughter Kelly as my official gift idea people.  (This could get expensive but I think I could work out a deal to pay them off with yarn). 🙂

First they were making Booga Bags at their local shop and sent me a link to see them — and as you know if you’ve been reading the blog, I’ve made several. The last ones are still drying so I hope to get them finished off with their drawstrings put in next weekend.  Four bags have been made.

Then this weekend Janet sent me a link to this scarf .  So after I ripped out the prior scarf I had tried (but didn’t like the pattern) I started knitting this pattern.

Here’s the first couple of inches.

  I like it! One simple pattern row to remember and just go to town on.   I really like the feel of the weight of this design.  Then I thought, hmmm… this could be a great gift idea for my two bosses (not in pink – no the guys probably wouldn’t go for that) so off to the yarn stash to look for “manly” yarns.  Nothing in worsted weight that would do but there’s all those sock yarns.  So I decided to mix two sock yarns together – one a toasty brown and the other a self striping of browns, blues and greens. To the needle size up one size from the original and cast on a few extra stitches and spent the evening knitting.

Here’s what I have so far.

  I absolutely love the way the striping yarn moves in sort of puddles and waves across it.  A bit of color but not too much.

Here’s a somewhat fuzzy photo of the stitch pattern up close.

Thank you to my gift idea gals!  It’s a cold rainy night so think I’ll go put on my jammies, make a cup of cocoa, snuggle under a quilt and get back to knitting.


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