Saturday stuff

Well I haven’t gotten to any sewing today – spent the better part of the day on the site looking at patterns.  If you knit or crochet and haven’t checked out their site, check it out.  It’s free and there’s all kinds of patterns available for free or to buy the download.  Places to add your own project photos, keep track of your yarn stash, create your own library of patterns you want to try rather than have to search them out again … all kinds of great stuff.  No affiliation … just great stuff!  I’ve found a scarf pattern to get started on later tonight that should be quick to make.  The cold weather has definitely put me in a knitting mode.  I’m anxiously awaiting a yarn and pattern order for a pullover sweater – well, make that two yarn orders since there’s some sock yarn coming from another place along with some other lovely yarns that clicked their way into my shopping cart.

The last two of my Booga type bags have been felted and are now drying.  I crocheted a little flower and then felted it and it turned out very cute.  I’ll post photos once everything is all dry.  I think it will be an embellishment on something.  I knit the leftover wool scraps into a little case for my sunglasses to slip into, which I think felted to the correct size.  I crocheted it rather than knit (quicker) but it looks the same felted as the knit items.  Another rectangle I knit that I’m going to attempt putting a zipper in and sewing the sides on as a little cosmetic bag to go in my booga bag.

Tho I didn’t get to any sewing, check out what Peggy, a member of The Quilting Post made.  It’s my Stacked Spools pattern which you can find in the sidebar.  She did it all in flannels – I can just image how snuggly warm it must be.  Just lovely, Peggy!  thanks for letting me share the photo.

  She’s much speedier than I am – mine still needs it’s final plain border.  I had run out of fabric but found one that will work so need to get it on and get it quilted.

But for now, time to snuggle under a cozy quilt (dang it’s cold outside) and do some knitting.