Design Wall Monday

This is what would be on my design wall if not for the flood in my sewing room over the weekend I previously posted about. 🙂  So the deisgn wall has become the design floor.  Got all my Continiuous Chain Blocks sewn together.  Added the first border — and ran amuck.  The top and bottom borders are a different width and the sides to accommodate the pieced border.  I sewed them on in the opposite positions. Drat! Of course they are trimmed to size so can’t take them off and switch them and I think there’s no more fabric left.  So am contemplating finishing this quilt as it and then using the pieced blocks for the border, which are already done as just a little child’s quilt and then they can both be donated.  Will think on that a while longer.

I also finished writing the instructions for Christmas Charm which I had planned to post on Thanksgiving.  I’ve got a busy week ahead and decided to post them now so I don’t forget about it.  You can find them in a link in the right sidebar.  Enjoy!



2 comments on “Design Wall Monday

  1. That’s too bad on the Continuous Chain, Denise. You would hear my head banging from there if that happens to me! I am still trying to get this month’s blocks finished. Too many things to do, I suppose, mostly self-induced, lol! Thanks for the instructions. I have them downloaded and will look at them later. I think I will use my Christmas stash……..

    • I just double checked next month’s directions to make sure it was just me that went crazy – yep, directions were right if I had only paid closer attention. But, I just went looking in the stash and I do have extra background fabric left so I can recut and restitch the border that is too skinny and will probably just trim the other to the correct size so all is good in the end. 🙂

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