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  I’m thinking quilting even if I haven’t gotten to do any yet today.  Pull this wallhanging out, Thankful Bounty, which was a Thanksgiving project we did a few years ago on The Quilting Post that I had designed in EQ.  It’s one of my most favorites and it’s time to get it up on the living room wall before the fall season and Thanksgiving is over.

This morning I was out of the house early and off to breakfast with a friend.  Then we did some shopping – groceries and a stop at JoAnn’s so I could get some grommets for the larger Booga Bags I’m knitting.  I got the largest ones they had but it will depend on how much the drawstrings shrink as to whether they are large enough.  May have to do some searching on line for some larger ones.  These are just plain metal ones.  I had seen some really pretty ones – plastic in all kinds of colors at Wisconsin Quilt Expo but didn’t have anything in mind for them so didn’t get any.  If only I had seen the Booga bags at that time I would have been well stocked.

Speaking of Booga Bags – here’s a large one I have all knit and ready to go into the washer for felting.

  Aren’t those colors pretty!   I used a double strand for the drawstring for this one – one trand of the solid aqua and  the other of the multicolored Noro. 






I’ve started another and here’s how far I’ve gotten. Blues, lilac and grays.  I’ve got one more to make after I finish this one.

We also stopped at Wisconsin Craft Market – sort of like Michael’s but on a smaller scale – and I found this great looking yarn.

It’s a lovely hairy mohair blend I plan to use for a scarf – once all the gifts are finished since I think I’ll claim it for me. Pretty shades of light purples.  Now I just have to find the right pattern to use it for.

The weather today has nixed my original plans to get the flower pots outside emptied and put away and get the table and chairs brought in.  It’s a rainy day and now the cushions on the chairs need to dry out too.  Hopefully next weekend will be a sunny one so I can get it done or they may end up covered in snow one of these days!  It’s too dark when I get home now to do it in the evening.

Now to get the latest bag in the wash and start it felting and then back to some knitting.  My knit along socks haven’t made much progress since I finished the heel since the gifts have taken priority but I may get a few more rows added to it today.


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