Stashbusting Sunday and more

Alas, again no stashbusting took place this week.  But nothing added either so I guess holding steady is better than adding to the stash.

I did finally get to some sewing last night tho, so once I get those blocks pressed today I shall actually have something up on the design wall to show tomorrow!  Finally, all my Continuous Chain BOM blocks are sewn so I can start putting the top together.

I’ve also been working on the new BOM for next year that will be available here.   It’s not in final form yet – I’m still tweaking on the blocks, need to decide on colors and not sure that I love the borders so there may still be some changes before I call it done but here’s a sneak peak.  And it will need a name, which I haven’t given too much thought to yet.  The appliqued blocks are 16″ so the pieces should be a managable size and not too tiny. 🙂 

The latest Booba Bag is felted and is currently drying.

  And I finally got brave enough to make the holes in my small bag so I could thread the drawstrings through.  it still needs a shave with a sweater shaver to get rid of the fuzzies but it’s ready to tote my sock knitting to and from work.











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