Knit Along Progress

The sock knit along continues to progress, albeit slowly the latter part of this week since I had some other things I needed to work on too.  But I’ve been busy knitting on a couple of projects.

  Here’s the knit along socks.  The heel has been finished and the decreases done so now I can move along on  the rest of the foot.  These will be for me so they may get pushed aside a bit to finish off another pair in progress that is for a gift.

Most of this week I’ve been busy knitting on my large Booga Bag.   I finished the bag part last night and just have the I-cord for the drawstring to complete.  I started the I-cord last night but have many more feet of it to go.  Here’s the bag and the I-cord will be the same color as the bottom of the bag.  Right now the bag, when laying flat, measures about 22″ wide and 14″ long to where the base of the bag starts.  I remembered to measure it this time so I can see how much it shrinks when it is felted.

So the plans for the weekend – at least at this point – finish off a sock in progress, the I-Cord so I can get this bag felted, put the drawstring through the prior smaller felted bag, and start on a new bag for a gift.  I’m also hoping to get some  quilting time in, start on the pattern instructions for Christmas Charm, and I’ve been working on another design for next year’s BOM project. WHEW! I’m tired already.  Then there’s the mundane projects like cleaning and it’s about time to pull out some of the winter clothes since the temps have taken a dive – but I hate the having to switch the wardrobe around so may wait on that a bit longer. 🙂

The November Continuous chain instructions are now available – see the right sidebar.  Next month, the final instructions will be posted for that BOM.

But the immediate plans for tonight, plug in a movie, find some dinner, and do some knitting.


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