Saturday Stuff

I’m procrastinating – I should jump in to that cleaning (and I have taken the garbage out and picked some tomatoes from the garden ) but thought I’d check messages first before tackling any major cleaning job.  Then, post photos here of the shawl I’m working on.  And besides I’m waiting for the coffee to finish ’cause I certainly can’t be cleaning with out an influx of coffee.

Anyway, here’s the shawl so far, past the point of my last ripping out of it all.

 That lovely blue yarn at the next edge – just temporary provisional cast on.  Those stitches will be woven together to make the top of the shawl straight across so it will sort of stand up against the back of your neck – very cozy. 

  And here’s a close up of the pattern.  I the close up you can see the subtle shades the yarn has which make it look that lovely toasty brown.

Okay when did the “Like” buttons appear at the bottom of the posts.  I just noticed them last night so don’t know when WordPress added that little button.   So what is it’s purpose – heck I don’t really know so I clicked on it.  It marked that I liked it.  Well who the heck cares if I like this post. LOL   But it looks like it may be sort of a bookmark system so you can mark posts you might want to go back to? not really a clue and if I could figure out how to get rid of it, I would.   Just seeing it there makes me think of a some sort of twelve year old competiton – she likes me better, no she likes me.  ROFLOL    If you read my blog, great  -I hope you find it interesting, fun, informational … whatever … (hmm the “whatever” definitely sounds like a 12-year-old)  but in all honesty, I don’t care if anyone “likes” a blog post. 🙂

Coffee is done – time to get busy.


8 comments on “Saturday Stuff

  1. that lace pattern is pretty Denise. Good luck with it. I get lost every time I try to do lace so end up just doing something else.

  2. Denise, your shawl is going to be lovely. Your lace pattern kind of reminds me of leaves – very appropriate for the toasty browns. I love knitted lace.

    • I’m glad it looks like leaves 🙂 It’s called Boxleaf triangles – the leaves will end up looking on point. Now that I figured out what the leaves look like, it’s much easier to make sure I ‘ve got the right stitches going in the right places.

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