Sewing day … finally

After nearly a month with no sewing I decided the cleaning could wait and my featherweight was calling to me.   I’ve now got one complete set of blocks for Continuous Chain done and part of the other set of blocks made.  It was great to spend the day sewing again. No photos tho since I haven’t stuck them up on the design wall yet.   The 2nd installment of Continuous Chain will be posted next weekend so be sure to get this month’s instructions as they will be taken down next weekend and will no longer be available.

Another handful of red pear tomatoes were ripe this morning so had those for dinner.  Delicious.  But now, back to that pattern I need to write up so just maybe I can spend part of tomorrow sewing too.  My plan is to finally start the machine quilting on the wedding quilt.

The Shawl is done

all except for the burying tails and blocking.

It’s made from Patons Silk Bamboo – 70% bamboo and 30% silk – lovely soft and drapey.  And when you bind off the edge you get a scallopy look.

Now to finally get to some sewing today!