Thank goodness for the weekend. It’s been a busy week at work.  Will I get to any quilting this weekend? Time will tell.   There’s still some of the closets and cabinets I want to get cleaned out and cleaning supplies and some new plastic storage containers were purchased in anticipation of actually getting that done.  I really do want to at least make a start on quilting my niece’s wedding quilt.  It’s basted and ready to go and I’ve got the thread I want to use so hopefully at some point this weekend I’ll make  start.  There’s also a quilt pattern to write up which I’ve got about half way figured out.

Went out tonight for a belated birthday dinner with a friend and got a wonderful birthday goodie bag.  Bags of flavored Starbucks coffee I’ll break in tomorrow morning.  A box of wonderful Candinas chocolates – a local chocolatier.  They will be divied out a little at a time. Yum.  Two movies and a lovely birdbath made by her niece, a very talented artist in many mediums.  It’s made from cement and a huge rhubarb leaf is used for it’s shape and to give it the veining, etc.  It’s then painted and sealed and has a bird attached to it and has a little stand it sits on.  So cute – I’ll have to take a photo once it get it set up and filled.  Hopefully the birds will like it.

So for tonight I’ll pop in one of those movies and hopefully finish off the last of Mom’s shawl. I’m in the home stretch but it’s a long way across one of those rows.  And I discovered I must have gotten off on one row so part of the design ridges is on the reverse side.  Only I probably notice it and since I did an entire repeat of the pattern that way, it sort of looks like it was meant to be that way on the edge of the shawl.  It’s too hard to take it out and try to get the number of stitches right so it’s going to stay.  But just a couple more rows and I can bind it off and block it.  I don’t know that I’ve ever blocked anything before – if I did it was long ago and something simple – so this will be an adventure getting this all laid out so the design opens up a little.