Crocus Clusters

As many of you discovered, I forgot to add the template pattern to the Crocus Clusters instructions.  It’s now loaded.

 Go to the Crocus Clusters link under Pages on the right sidebar.  Then go to the bottom of that page and click on Instructions for the file download.  The leaf template is a separate download on that page below the instructions.

Two more red pear tomatoes from the garden tonight.  I really hope some of the other tomatoes start to ripen soon – those plants are loaded, but there’s a whole lot more pear tomatoes waiting to ripen too.  I may be toting some of the excess into the office if they all ripen at the same time.  The pear tomatoes are really good tho – just was them off and pop them in your mouth.

I’m hoping this weekend to finally get back to some sewing. Other than two test blocks for a new quilt pattern, that’s all I’ve sewn since the beginning of the month!  Withdrawal is definitely setting in! I don’t know that I’ve ever gone so long without working on a quilt.  But pattern writing has taken precedence.  I’ve got one design for Hoffman I need to write up and then I can get back to qulting.  It’s now the end of July and I STILL have not started quilting that wedding quilt.  Still a month and a half before I need it but I need to get busy soon!