49 and counting….

Tomorrow’s the big day – my 50th birthday.  It seem sold when I say it but I don’t feel old so I guess that’s a good thing. LOL  I just finished the final changes to Crocus Clusters so the directions will be ready to post tomorrow.  Look for them tomorrow evening since I won’t have time to post them before then.  I’ll be toting my treats to work in a cute little birthday tote a quilting friend made and send to to me – bright balloons all over it.  It’s just a happy bag!  Thank you “bad” Anita. 🙂

Still waiting on those Snowglobe kits to arrive – they must be circling the globe.  Hopefully tomorrow.

My Loopy Ewe yarn and pattern I ordered did arrive so I’ve got a new shawl to work on.  If I get it done in time, it will be the perfect color to go with my dress for my niece’s wedding in September.  That’s a big “if” tho but there’s that week at a cabin which should give me lots of knitting time.