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Rain Rain go away – and take the severe storms with you.  It’s been two days of tornado sirens and massive downpours.  I had to go set my poor tomato cages upright this morning since the storms had knocked them over.  Things are absolutely soggy and water is standing.

Look at this old quilt a coworker gave me.

 The flash is washing it out a bit – the colors are more vibrant.  But it’s had a much loved/used life.  There’s holes where the fabrics are just shredding and falling apart.  But some of those dresden plates are in very good shape.  She told me I could do whatever I wanted with it – if I could do anything with it.  First I’m going to give it a soak in some vintage soak and see how it comes out and get rid of the slightly musty smell.  Then I’m going to see what survives and see if I can use some of those plates.  I think it would be nice a nice surprise to be able to make a pillow to give back to her from one or two of them so she has a keepsake of it since it had come down through the family, or a little table mat or candle mat.  So will have to see what is still useable once it is clean.  But lots of great original 30’s and feedsack prints in it.

Don’t know if I’ll actually get to any sewing today.  Patterns to write first but time will tell.  Don’t forget the Crocus Cluster pattern is coming later this week. 🙂   Plus there’s laundry, perhaps some bread baking and other boring chores to attend to.  One of these days, I’m going to get that sewing machine  humming again before total quilting withdrawal sets in.

I did cheat and opened an birthday present that arrived early.  It’s from a quilting friend of mine in California.  Look at this wonderful apron she made me.


Has she been peaking in my kitchen?  The only apron I have was one I made in Freshman Home Ec class!!  I love the fabrics in this one and check out the cute buttons in the next photo – a little flowered on on the pocket and a really neat circle one with lots of color on the top fold down flap.  This one will be fun to wear.  It’s lined with the striped fabric on the pocket top.





Love those greens and corals and browns!




 She knows I also love the fabrics with a bit of gold glitz in them so these were in there as well, along with a really neat recipe keeper book (which I sorely need) and of course some See’s candies!


When I saw these I thought Tote Bag.  I’ve been carrying my knitting back and forth to work on on the bus ride to work in a plastic bag.  With all this fabric about, I think I really need to make a lovely fabric one with pockets for all the things I carry with the knitting so that’s my plan.

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    • I’m pretty sure it is a commercial pattern but the friend who made it is out of town for a week or more so I’ll ask her when she returns.

  1. I inherited a very worn Dresden Plate from my grandmother, and was able to take the plates off and remount enough of them to make wall hangings for my sister and nieces and still have enough for one for myself too. I covered the plates in nylon tulle to launder them without further damage and was very pleased with the results.

    • Sounds like a great way to use them. Will have to see what survives after soaking the quilt to see if it will brighten and lose the musty smell. No plans to remove the plates tho – if it were something passed down in my family I may consider investing more time in it, but it is not and the person who gave it to me did not expect me to return anything to her – just do whatever I liked with hit. I think the less handling the better. I’m now thinking I may just frame under glass a few of the plates (if any survive washing) nd that way don’t have to worry about additional wear and tear on them and they’d look good hanging on a wall.

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