Crocus Clusters Yardage Update & Label Bonus

I found one definite change to the Crocus Clusters yardage while writing the directions.  See the Crocus Clusters page on the right sidebar to get the new download.  One of the measurements was 1″ short of what you actually need.  There are some additional notes added to the yardage page to help you decide whether you want to add a little more yardage for security in case you make a cutting error.

How long does it take to write directions – well I’ve been at it for almost 9 hours today!  It just needs a final proofing with a fresh eye.  If I get it done before the 28th, I’ll post the cutting instructions ahead of time.  Otherwise, look for the directions on the 28th!

As an added bonus for those who finish making this top before the end of 2010, if you email me a photo of your top to share on the blog before the end of the year, I’ll email you back a lablelyou can print on Printed Treasures or other printable fabric that looks like this…. with your name filled in on it.

The label will print out about 8″ square.


4 comments on “Crocus Clusters Yardage Update & Label Bonus

  1. Oops! I forgot to say “Thank you” for the offer of the label! Hmmmmm…………. as though I need that encouragement! I am making this for my DD and she will haunt me until done, I am sure! LOL

  2. Denise, I tried to download the new yardage and the Box sharing said that you didn’t have the sharing enabled! I bought extra, so I should be covered but thought that I would check. Thanks!

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