Look What Came Today!

A very large box from Hoffman Fabrics was delivered.  A perk of the job – free fabric! What quilter doesn’t love that.  So much for stashbusting but I don’t think “found fabric” counts. 🙂

I thought I was getting just the fabrics for Woven Ribbons, the pattern I designed for these fabrics for them, but instead got the entire line.  How wonderful is that!  A quilting dream come true. They have a wonderful sort of sateen almost feel to them.  I may need to leave them on the floor to admire a bit longer and dream of projects to use them in.  The photo doesn’t really do them justicie.  The fabrics stacked on the right side of the photo all change like the one laid out at the bottom of the photo.  Some change color like that one and others just change shades of a single color across them.  I am in love with these fabrics!  So my unabashed  plug for Hoffman Fabrics – if  you like them watch for the Sand in My Shoes fabric line designed by McKenna Ryan! :–)  These are the fabrics used in the design in my blog header which is a portion of the Woven Ribbons quilt.

I’ve got a week at a cabin in Northern Wisconsin along Lake Superior coming up the end of August so may have to try to sneak in my featherweight and some of these fabrics to work on.




On the gardening front – I finally picked one of my Kale to give it a try.  I’ve always planted them before just cause they look pretty in the garden until the frosts finally get them.  But I found a recipe that said it was the “best ever” Kale recipe.  Honestly, if this was the best, I’ll be going tback to just growing them cause they’re neat to look at.   It was a roasted Kale recipe.  Just add a tiny bit of olive oil and salt and roast in a slow oven until they turned paperlike and crispy.

 Here they are ready to go in the oven.  That shine is not all oil – they were still a bit wet.  You actually use less than a tablespoon of oil.  A little drizzle goes a long way as you toss them about.






Here they are all roasted.  Not exactly attractive but I hadn’t given up on them yet.  They definitely turn paper thin and brittle.  The only way to eat them is with your fingers since if you tried to put a fork in them they disintegrate.  It had a very faint brussel sprout sort of flavor – not bad since I like brussel sprouts.  But the texture – now that’s another thing. They absolutely disintegrate as you eat them.  You know how when you want through a really dry pile of leaves in the fall they just crack apart into little pieces – well these do the same.  Honestly, if this is the best recipe for kale, they shall remain decorative in my garden.  If I want to eat a pile of dried leaves, I’ll wait until fall. 🙂   Most recipes are soups or stews with kale in them and I think that is definitely the way to go.  So much for my venture into roasting kale.