Snowglobes updated

According to the Keepsake Quilting website, the kits are now “in stock”!  which means the ones I ordered should be arriving any day now  Can’t wait to finally see them in person!!  And when I got home tonight there was a UPS delivery attempt notice from Hoffman Fabrics. Yeah!!! I think these are the Sand in My Shoes fabric line designed by McKenna Ryan from the Woven Ribbon quilt pattern design I did for them that they said they’d send me the fabrics for.  Can’t wait to see these too.  I love getting fun packages — especially fabric!

I did finally get the sewing room straighted away yesterday except for the vacuuming and dusting – so no more fabrics laying about to have to step over or push aside.  Next weekend I’v got to start quilting that wedding quilt so the table is all clear and in the cleaning I found the thread I bought to quilt it – a bright variegated which should look good with all the colors used in that quilt.  I think it will just be a simple meander over the whole thing with maybe a little feathered row in the outer border.  Not looking forward to all the shoving about – it’s a big quilt – but I’m anxious to get it finished.