Stashbusting… or not

It could be worse – there could be purchases to foil my stashbusting progress, but no, simply no sewing this week.  So nothing purchased and nothing used.  Several EQ designs have been taking up my evenings this week but I hope to get a little sewing done later today.  I’ve got a few stacks of HSTs that need trimming before I can get back to sewing.

I did venture into the sewing room last night tho — finally.  I’ve been procrasinating on cleaning it.  Now this photo may not look to you like it is a “nearly” clean sewing room.  But trust me, the fact that you can see the table and the floor is a major improvement. 

Just those few things scattered about that need to be put back in their home, a couple quilts to be washed and sent to my niece and nephew, a basket of fabric that has been awaiting washing (I forgot when I bought those – like discovering new fabric) and the wedding quilt to start quilting on.  So should be totally cleaned out, vacuumed and dusted, and the design wall really needs the lint brush taken to it to clear off all the threads stuck to it.



But look at these lovely shelves — they were definitely NOT so orderly yesterday. 

But order has returned to them once again so that I can actually close the closet doors.  Hmmm. there a whole lot of quilt tops in that closet waiting to be quilted.  I really need to make a bit of  a dent in them.  Once the wedding quilt is done, that will be my next project – pull some of those charity tops out and get them finished off.



I ventured into my little garden this morning, and look what I picked.  Isn’t it lovely.

And no, it wasn’t that foggy outside this morning.   The camera lens fogged when I took it from the air conditioning to the heat and humidity outside.  I have no idea if I like Kale – I planted it cause it’s pretty. 🙂  But found an interesting recipe for roasted kale so am going to try that for dinner.  There’s three more of these growing in the garden.

Now back to the final cleaning touches on that sewing room.