Still no sewing

My plan was to get in the sewing room and start cleaning today.  First I finished the rearranging and cleaning of the bedroom.  Then it as on to the sewing room… or not… a friend and I decided to go out for lunch.  Then a little shopping.   Came home and worked on a quilt design in EQ for a while…. a long while… and just realized why I’m hungry.  It’s 7:30!  But I’m done with the quilt design – I think – or at least too buggy eyed from moving around fabric pieces to do any more today.  Still haven’t gotten into the sewing room.  So first some dinner I think and then to tackle that sewing room.  Or at least make a start.

The shopping entailed a stop at a great fruit market – fresh fruits and veggies, cheese, wine, beer.  And even better you can taste test most of all of those as you peruse the shop.  I could smell the peaches as I walked in the door and the owner guarantees they are “chin drippin good.”    Fresh sweet corn, grapes, cheese curds (green olive cheese curds – they look really wierd but taste really good with the bits of olive and pimento).  That may be dinner – corn and fruit.

One of these days I’m going to have things cleaned up so I can actually get to some sewing — I’m suffering withdrawal!