Saturday Stuff

The shawl for Mom is finally finished.  It’s the Multnomah pattern by Kate Flagg. You can find her pattern here.

I added more rows to make it longer and wider and I really love the pattern stitch for the scallopy edge.  My photo doesn’t show it off well but look at the pattern – it’s really pretty a pretty looking stitch and super easy.

So what to knit on next – probably back to some socks.  I think I’ve got some in progress that hae been languishing while I’ve worked on this.  And there’s more yarn for a second shawl waiting too.

Look who I found outside my door this morning.  My dog used to have a fat robin stuffed toy and at first I thought someone had lost their toy.

  Talk about a puffed up chest.  I walked closer after taking the photo to see if he was actually a real bird since he seems to be sitting there at sort of an odd angle.  Well, that ticked him/her off and away it flew.  It think it must have had a dip in my birdbath and was just drying off in the sun.

So now on to some sewing.  I think Crocus Clusters is first on my list to get the top sewn together so hopefully I’ll have that to show you tomorrow.  Haven’t found the missing border strips so think I never cut them so now to find that fabric.

I’ve got another design for Hoffman Fabrics to do – just waiting on the fabric images but got a sneak peak so have two potential designs all done.  And Fabric Trends has a disk of fabric images on their way and wants to use a design I had made up an previously was posted in the EQ gallery so that’s an easy one since I managed to find the disk that that had the pattern file on it (someone should really label those disks with what is on them but that’s a job for another day).