A three day weekend

which means more QUILTING TIME!  Okay – there definitely needs to be some cleaning time too along with rearranging of furniture.  Since it’s officially summer, I guess I need to get the spring cleaning done.

But there’s a whole list of quilting stuff I want to get accomplished too and somehow that usually takes priority.  There’s only one Crocus Cluster block that needs the leaves appliqued and then I can start settting my top together.  I’m so anxious to get that top done.  Then there’s my niece’s wedding quilt that has been patiently waiting for me to start quiltling on it – all layered and ready (but I have to clean the sewing room table first so I have room to manuever.)

Dont’ forget Continuous Chain Block of the Month starts tomorrow.  I just found the background fabric tonight I want so I can start cutting on my second one.  I want to scan the fabrics in to see which colors I want to use in which position but it will be greens and light aqua (or so I think I need to actually iron and measure those fabrics to make sure I’ve got enough but I think so).  And there’s my first smaller Continuous Chain to add the to and bottom borders to.

So much to do…. probably not enough time. LOL