Sewing day … finally

After nearly a month with no sewing I decided the cleaning could wait and my featherweight was calling to me.   I’ve now got one complete set of blocks for Continuous Chain done and part of the other set of blocks made.  It was great to spend the day sewing again. No photos tho since I haven’t stuck them up on the design wall yet.   The 2nd installment of Continuous Chain will be posted next weekend so be sure to get this month’s instructions as they will be taken down next weekend and will no longer be available.

Another handful of red pear tomatoes were ripe this morning so had those for dinner.  Delicious.  But now, back to that pattern I need to write up so just maybe I can spend part of tomorrow sewing too.  My plan is to finally start the machine quilting on the wedding quilt.


The Shawl is done

all except for the burying tails and blocking.

It’s made from Patons Silk Bamboo – 70% bamboo and 30% silk – lovely soft and drapey.  And when you bind off the edge you get a scallopy look.

Now to finally get to some sewing today!


Thank goodness for the weekend. It’s been a busy week at work.  Will I get to any quilting this weekend? Time will tell.   There’s still some of the closets and cabinets I want to get cleaned out and cleaning supplies and some new plastic storage containers were purchased in anticipation of actually getting that done.  I really do want to at least make a start on quilting my niece’s wedding quilt.  It’s basted and ready to go and I’ve got the thread I want to use so hopefully at some point this weekend I’ll make  start.  There’s also a quilt pattern to write up which I’ve got about half way figured out.

Went out tonight for a belated birthday dinner with a friend and got a wonderful birthday goodie bag.  Bags of flavored Starbucks coffee I’ll break in tomorrow morning.  A box of wonderful Candinas chocolates – a local chocolatier.  They will be divied out a little at a time. Yum.  Two movies and a lovely birdbath made by her niece, a very talented artist in many mediums.  It’s made from cement and a huge rhubarb leaf is used for it’s shape and to give it the veining, etc.  It’s then painted and sealed and has a bird attached to it and has a little stand it sits on.  So cute – I’ll have to take a photo once it get it set up and filled.  Hopefully the birds will like it.

So for tonight I’ll pop in one of those movies and hopefully finish off the last of Mom’s shawl. I’m in the home stretch but it’s a long way across one of those rows.  And I discovered I must have gotten off on one row so part of the design ridges is on the reverse side.  Only I probably notice it and since I did an entire repeat of the pattern that way, it sort of looks like it was meant to be that way on the edge of the shawl.  It’s too hard to take it out and try to get the number of stitches right so it’s going to stay.  But just a couple more rows and I can bind it off and block it.  I don’t know that I’ve ever blocked anything before – if I did it was long ago and something simple – so this will be an adventure getting this all laid out so the design opens up a little.

Crocus Clusters

As many of you discovered, I forgot to add the template pattern to the Crocus Clusters instructions.  It’s now loaded.

 Go to the Crocus Clusters link under Pages on the right sidebar.  Then go to the bottom of that page and click on Instructions for the file download.  The leaf template is a separate download on that page below the instructions.

Two more red pear tomatoes from the garden tonight.  I really hope some of the other tomatoes start to ripen soon – those plants are loaded, but there’s a whole lot more pear tomatoes waiting to ripen too.  I may be toting some of the excess into the office if they all ripen at the same time.  The pear tomatoes are really good tho – just was them off and pop them in your mouth.

I’m hoping this weekend to finally get back to some sewing. Other than two test blocks for a new quilt pattern, that’s all I’ve sewn since the beginning of the month!  Withdrawal is definitely setting in! I don’t know that I’ve ever gone so long without working on a quilt.  But pattern writing has taken precedence.  I’ve got one design for Hoffman I need to write up and then I can get back to qulting.  It’s now the end of July and I STILL have not started quilting that wedding quilt.  Still a month and a half before I need it but I need to get busy soon!

Happy Birthday to meeeee!!

The day started with many treats from the gals at the office so we munched all day on good stuff – carrot cake, raspberry pie (one of my favorites) chips and salsa, dips, crackers, spinach dip (another favorite), cookies, chocolate (of course), banana bread — all good stuff!

But on to the important stuff you’re waiting for. 

First, Crocus Clusters instructions are posted!  Go to the Crocus Clusters link under Pages on the right sidebar.  Then go to the bottom of that page and click on Instructions for the file download.  Enjoy!

And, just in time for my birthday,

the two Snowglobes kits finally arrived!!  So my plan – use the random number generator to pick a winner based on the number of comments on the post about the give away.  There 39 total numbered comments, although some of those were my replies, so if I landed on my numbers, I’d just pick another.  So the first two random numbers landed on my comments. Wouldn’t it figure.   Keep picking.  The third time was a charm. #24 is the lucky winner Kim Petershack!  Congratulations Kim!  It will be coming your way soon!  It’s great fun to actually see the fabrics in person – even more gorgeous in person than the image I was working with – with all their gold glitz in them.

 Check out the great birthday tote Anita made for me. It’s just so bright and fun.  Carried my birthday treats to the office in it and I think it will now be used for my knitting.  That fabric just has to make you smile.





And here’s the new yarn I got this week from the Loopy Ewe. It’s called Sweet Potato Pie by Fiberphile.  Can’t wait to get started knitting  with it.  I plan to make this Boxleaf Triangle Shawl.  First I need  to finish off the shawl I’m currently working on tho.

Now I think it’s time to break out the birthday wine glass and celebrate.


49 and counting….

Tomorrow’s the big day – my 50th birthday.  It seem sold when I say it but I don’t feel old so I guess that’s a good thing. LOL  I just finished the final changes to Crocus Clusters so the directions will be ready to post tomorrow.  Look for them tomorrow evening since I won’t have time to post them before then.  I’ll be toting my treats to work in a cute little birthday tote a quilting friend made and send to to me – bright balloons all over it.  It’s just a happy bag!  Thank you “bad” Anita. 🙂

Still waiting on those Snowglobe kits to arrive – they must be circling the globe.  Hopefully tomorrow.

My Loopy Ewe yarn and pattern I ordered did arrive so I’ve got a new shawl to work on.  If I get it done in time, it will be the perfect color to go with my dress for my niece’s wedding in September.  That’s a big “if” tho but there’s that week at a cabin which should give me lots of knitting time.

Crocus Clusters Yardage Update & Label Bonus

I found one definite change to the Crocus Clusters yardage while writing the directions.  See the Crocus Clusters page on the right sidebar to get the new download.  One of the measurements was 1″ short of what you actually need.  There are some additional notes added to the yardage page to help you decide whether you want to add a little more yardage for security in case you make a cutting error.

How long does it take to write directions – well I’ve been at it for almost 9 hours today!  It just needs a final proofing with a fresh eye.  If I get it done before the 28th, I’ll post the cutting instructions ahead of time.  Otherwise, look for the directions on the 28th!

As an added bonus for those who finish making this top before the end of 2010, if you email me a photo of your top to share on the blog before the end of the year, I’ll email you back a lablelyou can print on Printed Treasures or other printable fabric that looks like this…. with your name filled in on it.

The label will print out about 8″ square.

Saturday Stuff

Rain Rain go away – and take the severe storms with you.  It’s been two days of tornado sirens and massive downpours.  I had to go set my poor tomato cages upright this morning since the storms had knocked them over.  Things are absolutely soggy and water is standing.

Look at this old quilt a coworker gave me.

 The flash is washing it out a bit – the colors are more vibrant.  But it’s had a much loved/used life.  There’s holes where the fabrics are just shredding and falling apart.  But some of those dresden plates are in very good shape.  She told me I could do whatever I wanted with it – if I could do anything with it.  First I’m going to give it a soak in some vintage soak and see how it comes out and get rid of the slightly musty smell.  Then I’m going to see what survives and see if I can use some of those plates.  I think it would be nice a nice surprise to be able to make a pillow to give back to her from one or two of them so she has a keepsake of it since it had come down through the family, or a little table mat or candle mat.  So will have to see what is still useable once it is clean.  But lots of great original 30’s and feedsack prints in it.

Don’t know if I’ll actually get to any sewing today.  Patterns to write first but time will tell.  Don’t forget the Crocus Cluster pattern is coming later this week. 🙂   Plus there’s laundry, perhaps some bread baking and other boring chores to attend to.  One of these days, I’m going to get that sewing machine  humming again before total quilting withdrawal sets in.

I did cheat and opened an birthday present that arrived early.  It’s from a quilting friend of mine in California.  Look at this wonderful apron she made me.


Has she been peaking in my kitchen?  The only apron I have was one I made in Freshman Home Ec class!!  I love the fabrics in this one and check out the cute buttons in the next photo – a little flowered on on the pocket and a really neat circle one with lots of color on the top fold down flap.  This one will be fun to wear.  It’s lined with the striped fabric on the pocket top.





Love those greens and corals and browns!




 She knows I also love the fabrics with a bit of gold glitz in them so these were in there as well, along with a really neat recipe keeper book (which I sorely need) and of course some See’s candies!


When I saw these I thought Tote Bag.  I’ve been carrying my knitting back and forth to work on on the bus ride to work in a plastic bag.  With all this fabric about, I think I really need to make a lovely fabric one with pockets for all the things I carry with the knitting so that’s my plan.

Look What Came Today!

A very large box from Hoffman Fabrics was delivered.  A perk of the job – free fabric! What quilter doesn’t love that.  So much for stashbusting but I don’t think “found fabric” counts. 🙂

I thought I was getting just the fabrics for Woven Ribbons, the pattern I designed for these fabrics for them, but instead got the entire line.  How wonderful is that!  A quilting dream come true. They have a wonderful sort of sateen almost feel to them.  I may need to leave them on the floor to admire a bit longer and dream of projects to use them in.  The photo doesn’t really do them justicie.  The fabrics stacked on the right side of the photo all change like the one laid out at the bottom of the photo.  Some change color like that one and others just change shades of a single color across them.  I am in love with these fabrics!  So my unabashed  plug for Hoffman Fabrics – if  you like them watch for the Sand in My Shoes fabric line designed by McKenna Ryan! :–)  These are the fabrics used in the design in my blog header which is a portion of the Woven Ribbons quilt.

I’ve got a week at a cabin in Northern Wisconsin along Lake Superior coming up the end of August so may have to try to sneak in my featherweight and some of these fabrics to work on.




On the gardening front – I finally picked one of my Kale to give it a try.  I’ve always planted them before just cause they look pretty in the garden until the frosts finally get them.  But I found a recipe that said it was the “best ever” Kale recipe.  Honestly, if this was the best, I’ll be going tback to just growing them cause they’re neat to look at.   It was a roasted Kale recipe.  Just add a tiny bit of olive oil and salt and roast in a slow oven until they turned paperlike and crispy.

 Here they are ready to go in the oven.  That shine is not all oil – they were still a bit wet.  You actually use less than a tablespoon of oil.  A little drizzle goes a long way as you toss them about.






Here they are all roasted.  Not exactly attractive but I hadn’t given up on them yet.  They definitely turn paper thin and brittle.  The only way to eat them is with your fingers since if you tried to put a fork in them they disintegrate.  It had a very faint brussel sprout sort of flavor – not bad since I like brussel sprouts.  But the texture – now that’s another thing. They absolutely disintegrate as you eat them.  You know how when you want through a really dry pile of leaves in the fall they just crack apart into little pieces – well these do the same.  Honestly, if this is the best recipe for kale, they shall remain decorative in my garden.  If I want to eat a pile of dried leaves, I’ll wait until fall. 🙂   Most recipes are soups or stews with kale in them and I think that is definitely the way to go.  So much for my venture into roasting kale.


Snowglobes updated

According to the Keepsake Quilting website, the kits are now “in stock”!  which means the ones I ordered should be arriving any day now  Can’t wait to finally see them in person!!  And when I got home tonight there was a UPS delivery attempt notice from Hoffman Fabrics. Yeah!!! I think these are the Sand in My Shoes fabric line designed by McKenna Ryan from the Woven Ribbon quilt pattern design I did for them that they said they’d send me the fabrics for.  Can’t wait to see these too.  I love getting fun packages — especially fabric!

I did finally get the sewing room straighted away yesterday except for the vacuuming and dusting – so no more fabrics laying about to have to step over or push aside.  Next weekend I’v got to start quilting that wedding quilt so the table is all clear and in the cleaning I found the thread I bought to quilt it – a bright variegated which should look good with all the colors used in that quilt.  I think it will just be a simple meander over the whole thing with maybe a little feathered row in the outer border.  Not looking forward to all the shoving about – it’s a big quilt – but I’m anxious to get it finished.