Design Wall Monday

Here’s what’s on the design wall today.  Continous Chain – my tester quilt – with plain side borders attached.  I added a thin red and then the blue flowered borders.  They were going to be mitered but I didn’t realize until I attached them that they would be about an inch too short. Drat.  So trimmed them even and will have to figure out what I want to do at the corners. 

 On the far right are some of the borders for the Crocus Cluster quilt, the rest of that design spread out on my floor at the moment as I continue to applique leaves.  The borders are all done but just haven’t ironed the other two yet.


4 comments on “Design Wall Monday

  1. Mine is cut out and bagged. I went with browns and dusty rose. Hope I did enough contrast. One of my DILs liked it so it has a home anyway!

    • I knew you’d be ready and raring to go Janet! Picked up some backing so I just need to get it washed so I can start cutting on my second one.

      • Bought the backing for Crop Circles today. Not what I had in mind, but it spoke to me! I won’t start until Mon., as I (lucky me) get to work the weekend/holiday! Let us pray……..

  2. The Continuous Chain looks like it glows! Very nice. How about plain red border, then the blue flowered and a plain red square in the corner?

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