More progress on Crocus Clusters

The sewing machine has been humming along all afternoon.  Here’s all the center blocks, minus the sashing that goes in between.  I plan to applique the leaves on the blocks before joining them so on to cutting leaves.


And I found just a FEW minutes to play in EQ7 because I wanted to check out some of the new things you can do with images.  I barely touched the tip of the iceberg but in 15 minutes or so I had all these blocks created using various kalidascope type shapes.

The photo I started out with was this. One of the double impatient blossoms that got knocked off in the rain.  I had the camera set on high sensitivity to really zoom in and the flower has almost a painted effect which is kind of neat.  Probably couldn’t duplicate that if I tried.

 and here’s the designs from just that one photo.

 And then this decorative pepper plant photo turned into the images below.  Would these images look great printed on greeting cards.  A packet of them would make a great little gift idea!

But then I was having a little too much fun and I’m going to be in BIG TROUBLE. ROFLOL  I thought what if I use a photo of a person – and  I swiped a photo of dear friend Susan from her blog — good thing she’s in Texas and I’m in Wisconsin so it will take a while before she gets here to throttle me!  It’s a lovely picture of her on her birthday.  And I simply couldn’t resist turning her into kalidiscope blocks to see what they would look like.  Yes – my name will be mud but I like them. 🙂  I should have used her DH’s picture instead but he would track me down!  Love ya, Susan! (hmmm….joining the Quilter’s Protection Program and going into hiding now!)



Stashbusting and stuff

First things first…..

and now on to the stashbusting report….

When I finally did get to sewing yesterday about 5 p.m. I wasted no time.  Cut out all of Crocus Clusters except the borders so new numbers for the stashbusting tally.

Used this week – 10 yards. None purchased.  Used YTD  179.75 .  Busted YTD 113.75.

I was up sewing till about 2 a.m. – making up for lost time. 🙂  And got all my crocus cluster blocks sewn to this point and some other pieces that will get added today sewn into sections.  Since these are large blocks, they are going together quickly and easily.  I hope to get them all finished today so I can start on appliquing the leaves.

Don’t forget, this project will be posted to the blog for you to make too on July 28 to celebrate my birthday.