I couldn’t resist

I wasn’t going to open EQ7 today – no time to play – must sew instead.  Yeah right!  I was just going to play for a little bit – yeah right again.  Several hours later and I haven’t gotten to the sewing yet but I’ve been having FUN!

Lots of new gizmos and tricks — to much fun not to lure me in. LOL  So here’s a couple things I’ve been playing with.


This quilt started out with just the little roman stripe type block that’s in the four corners.  With just a few clicks of the serendipity button to clip and change it, all the other blocks were created. So easy and fun to see what it can do to such a simple block.





On this one I was playing with some of the new blocks – a framed block for he center and a different new one for the border.  I don’t like them together, but I was just playing.  I really like the border and the possibilities it has – so will have to remember that for some future design.  The center of the quilt would be great on it’s own.  A simple little quilt – great for charity projects I think and it would look great with larger prints in the center blocks – especially bright kids prints or something like that.    I’ll be back to revisit these some other day because now I really DO have to get to some sewing. 

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