My EQ7 has arrived!!!

It arrived at the office and I couldn’t wait to get home to get it installed.  Yeah!  So it’s all installed (despite a small disagreement between it and my firewall which I finally thought to turn off to get it registered) and I’m set.  Listenedto the videos to see if there was anything new and exciting there. Then took a quick trip through the block and fabric libraries to see what’s new.  Oh no, lots of lovely new fabrics which make me want to go shopping! No! I shall resist but it will be fun coloring in project with all those lovely new fabrics.  But enough playing for one night.  I’ve got to plan my attack on the sewing room for tomorrow.  It’s a disaster (so I’ve been sewing on the dining table instead) but I’ve got to get started machine quilting the wedding quilt so need to get the large table cleared off.  I’ve been putting off the quilting since it’s been so humid and damp – those quilt sandwiches just don’t want to slide around on the bed of my machine easily when it’s humid – so may have to turn on the air to get ride of the dampness (and it’s supposed to hot and sticky tomorrow anyway so air is a good thing) and get busy quilting.  Then there’s the Continuous Chain to finish putting together, Crocus Clusters which I want to get cut tomorrow (which reminds me I need to toss some of those fabrics into the dryer and wash the rest),  So lots to do this weekend.  I must not play with EQ or I’ll get nothing else done.  We’ll see if that really happens! LOL

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