Stashbusting and other stuff

In the wee hours this morning I got another project cut and organized to start on so the stashbusting report for this week is:

No new purchases.  10.25 used this week for a net busted of 99.75 year to date (total used YTD 165.75).

I looked back to where I was last year with stashbusting at this time and I’ve nearly tripled my net busted amount so far this year as to where I was last year at this time.  I ended the year last year with less than 30 yards busted – due to a MAJOR shopping spree or two or three. LOL  So if I don’t go crazy shopping this could be a good stashbusting year – but we’re only half way through. LOL

As for the “other stuff” – the rain has continued most of the week with very little sun.  But my little garden is doing well. The pepper plant is starting to get blooms and one tomato also.

I got an email that EQ is processing my order so EQ7 should be on it’s way shortly.  Can’t wait!

Have you seen the new Alice in Wonderland movie?  I was watching it earlier this week and it got me to thinking, along with some new Alice fabrics that are on the market, about this quilt I had made several years ago.  Tea With Alice.

It was made as a challenge quilt for The Quilting Post. We had to use the black teacup print in the border.  Not a great photo so it’s sort of hard to see the details but the flowers all have faces, Alice is lifting the teapot lid to show the doormouse inside the teapot, there’s the Hatter’s hat with a teacup on top and a teabag resting on the brim, along with the rabbit’s pocket watch and a caterpillar crawling on the mushroom.  The quilt was then donated to another online group for quilts they were collecting for a women’s cancer center and before donation they were judged and mine won first place – winning me my featherweight!  I’ve always wanted to make another of these, more in sampler style with various blocks of Wonderland scenes. This one was done before I ever had EQ so it’s all hand drawn.  I’ve got some other drawings of the White Rabbit and I remembered I had actually pieced another block I wanted to try and went digging in the UFO boxes to find it.

Painting the Roses Red.  There’s still some embroidery details that haven’t been added – like a handle on his bucket – but I found a great card print fabric that was just the right size for his body and there’s more of that waiting in the stash.   Too bad I don’t have more of that background fabic since it looks like it has hearts in it – would have been perfect.  But I’m thinking I may need to pull out those old drawings and transfer them into EQ to tweak a bit and see what else I can come up with to go with them.  I think it would make a really fun quilt.

  And here’s a sneak peak of the latest pattern I did for Hoffman Fabrics that will be available shortly on their website.  The fabrics are designed by McKenna Ryan, Sand in my Shoes, and you can see them here.  I’ll post a link to the free pattern when it’s available.  Also, watch for it in an upcoming Keepsake Quilting catalog. 🙂 It’s called Woven Ribbons.  I just adore these fabrics!

 Now to get back to sewing on Continuous Chains – I’ve nearly got all the pieces done for the alternate blocks so just might have them ready to put on the wall for design wall Monday!