Just one more minute

Remember when you were a kid and didn’t want to come inside from playing or wanted to avoid bedtime… just one more minute? was the plea (tho it seldom worked).   I had just one more thought so decided to keep EQ open… just one more minute (translate to about actually an hour).   But I came up with a pieced border I liked, changed some colors around, changed other border sizes, change the block size (it’s paper pieced so I didn’t want to have to tape pattern pieces together for a larger sized block) and made the project smaller (again it’s paperpieced - smaller project less to paper piece) and voila! I think I like this version as is.   Alas, it still needs a name.

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By justquiltin Posted in EQ6

10 comments on “Just one more minute

  1. Just love this so beautiful and different.

    What about the name “Stars start the new day”

    or “Stars starting the new day”

    Ciao for now Jill – Australia

  2. Your talk of “One more minute” at bedtime made me think of fireflies. Your quilt has quick flashes of color lighting up the piece, so I think “Fireflies” would be good. Sarah

  3. Star Illusions, first you see the stars then you see the dimensions of the boxes around the stars. Love this one

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