Sunday Sewing

Well technically it’s Sunday since it’s now 12:10 a.m.  I finally got the featherweight humming along this afternoon and got to some sewing.  I have nearly all the sections assembled  for the alternate blocks I was working on.  A few HSTs left to make tomorrow ….well later today … and I’ll be ready to set the block sections together.  My final task for tonight is to press the stack of four patches I just finished piecing and then I think I’ll move to a comfier chair to watch tv and knit on my shawl a little while.  I’m down to the last ball of yarn on the shawl so only a few more rows to go. 

And what’s on tv at this hour you wonder?  Attack of the Puppet People of course!  I can’t help myself – I love the old, black and white, low budget, sci-fi movies – where the special effects were not nearly so special and the occasional microphone accidentally shows up in the shot.

I did take a bit of a break in the sewing earlier  to whip together some rhubarb crisp.  It was delicioius but it would have been much better with a little vanilla ice cream on the side — where’s the home delivery ice cream man when you need him!!!

I’m already planning my cooking for tomorrow – there’s home made french onion soup I’ve been wanting to make all week so think I’ll get that simmering tomorrow – my favorite soup.

What great name suggestions people have been coming up with for the quilt design I posted earlier.  I’d read one and think – yes that’s it! then I ‘d read another and love that one too.  The trick will be to decide on one.


Just one more minute

Remember when you were a kid and didn’t want to come inside from playing or wanted to avoid bedtime… just one more minute? was the plea (tho it seldom worked).   I had just one more thought so decided to keep EQ open… just one more minute (translate to about actually an hour).   But I came up with a pieced border I liked, changed some colors around, changed other border sizes, change the block size (it’s paper pieced so I didn’t want to have to tape pattern pieces together for a larger sized block) and made the project smaller (again it’s paperpieced – smaller project less to paper piece) and voila! I think I like this version as is.   Alas, it still needs a name.

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Saturday Sewing

Well, once again I haven’t gotten to any sewing yet today.  It’s a Quilting Post PJ party weekend (a weekend a month we set side to try to spend sewing (in pjs optional) and chatting about what we’re working on).  Tho I didn’t stay in my PJs to sew sinice I went out to weed my little garden plot early this morning — didn’t want to scare the neighbors with me in my pjs!  But then got sidetracked as usual playing with an EQ design I was working on.  

This is what a single block looks like.  It’s square here but is actually set as a rectangular block in the design below. 
















I lightened the background color – which I like better – but look what happens when you set them together.  I love the secondary designs it creates – some of them looking curvy even though it’s all straight seams.  And some great open areas for quilting.   There’s still some tweaking to be done  – like the pieced border area looks a bit heavy for the airy design of the rest of it – so will have to work on that a bit.  Any name suggestions for this one? Nothing has come to me yet. 🙂

 I did get some sewing done last night on Continous Chain.  Here’s one group of blocks all done.

Now I can start on the alternate blocks.  Although I love the fabrics I picked, I think this one won’t have the same look as my original design since I don’t have as much value difference in what I chose for the light and dark shades of my blues and reds.  It will still be a pretty quilt, and the patriotic colored fabrics will be great since it will go to a fund raiser for the Flag Day Musuem, yet it won’t have the same play between the lights and darks that the original drawing does.  Be sure to check out Continous Chain in the right side bar. This BOM starts the first Saturday in July — I’ve already spied some fabrics in the stash that I think will look more like the original – better value between lights and darks so hope to get this one finished off soon so I’m ready to start on the second one and sew along with those who join in the BOM.

EQ File Sharing Tutorial

I’ve gotten many emails asking how I load my EQ files to share on the blog.  So have added a little tutorial on the right sidebar on how I do it.  Hope this helps all who want to share their files. 🙂