Selvage woes and Stashbusting Report

First the stashbusting report:  Not much new.   I did buy fabrics for Continous Chain yesterday but I also cut them all up yesterday so not bothering to count those fabrics in or out. 

 But, in cutting up those fabrics ran into this — See that decorative line in the fabric.  It’s one of Moda’s French General fabrics.  I don’t know if the whole line has it (probably) but all the fabrics I bought do, which I didn’t noticed when I bought it (hey I picked it because I liked the colors and the prints – didn’t even glance at the selvage edge).  It’s very pretty.  If I were making a blouse, I might considering leaving it showing at the edge of a sleeve, on a cuff, bottom of a straight edged blouse or maybe the top edge of a pocket on a tote bag or something.  It would look like trim without any of the work.  However, I’m not making those things.  I’m cutting quilt pieces.  And those pieces are based on 40″ of useable fabric from selvage to selvage.  As you can tell from the photo – that area is about an inch wide and it’s even wider on the back side – so just under 40″ of useable fabric on fabric that’s been prewashed.    So far not a huge issue with what I’ve been cutting since there’s some extra built into the fabric requirements, but guess I’ll have to remember to look at my selvages more closely when buying fabric.  If I had noticed it would it have changed my fabric choices – probably not. 🙂  I do love the look and feel of these fabrics!