Whew! Thought that week would never end.  Why is it that shorter work weeks always seem to go slower!  There’s been no sewing here at all this week but I hope to correct that this weekend.  Plus I’ve got some spring potholders from a swap to swap out once I make sure I’ve received them all.  In the meantime, the second shawl I started knitting is coming along nicely and I think will end up being the size I want since I increased the needle size and the weight of yarn.  No pictures yet – it wouldn’t look like much since it’s all bunched up on that circular needle. I may have to get a large one before long or it won’t all fit.

Mother Nature is doing her best to try to drown out my garden the past couple of days but it’s hanging in there.  I thought I had sprouted a little row of weeds and then realized that’s where I put the lettuce seeds on Sunday and they’ve sprouted.  Definitely going to have to do a little thinning in that row when they get a bit larger.    Now off to some mundane chores so I have plenty of time to sew this weekend.