Gardening update

The last two days have been spent mostly puttering in the dirt.  Here’s my little garden plot all planted.

  Three different tomatoes, a pepper plant, four kale, marigolds and behind the front row of marigolds I’ve got a row of lettuce seeds.  And a little glass and metal butterfly with bells hanging down on his feet is hanging in the center to guard it all.  He has stuff in his glass body that glows in the dark at night.  Doubt he’ll scare the birds or critters away but he’s cute.  



And many pots of flowers have been planted.



















And for those of you who know “sneaky snake” from the Texas quilt Romp, if you look closely you’ll see him hiding in the succulent plant in the bottom photo. 🙂

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    • LOL – Viv I forgot about the real live sneaky snake escapades and the shriek heard across Texas. 🙂

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