Continuous Chain BOM – Revised Yardage and Cutting Instructions Now Available

Click the link on the right sidebar for Continuous Chain to get the new file I just loaded.  The yardage estimate by EQ is a little different than the final yardage based on my cutting instructions – some fabrics a bit more, some a bit less – due to how I chose to piece things.  For instance, the pieced border was drawn so that it’s all half square triangles. I don’t know about you, but I can do WITHOUT having to make 288 of those darn things. 🙂  So I changed up how some sections will be pieced (like all those HSTS) to get the same look, but I think that accounts for the yardage discrepancies. 

Attached to the revised yardage you will also find the cutting chart so have at it! You can get all your fabrics cut and you’ll be ready to start sewing come July 3.

2 comments on “Continuous Chain BOM – Revised Yardage and Cutting Instructions Now Available

  1. Good grief! I am still dithering about my color choices (and waiting for the paycheck, lol). I like the browns but not so much the pink. hhhhhmmmmm Guess I will have to come up with my own idea!

    • LOL decisions decisons. I haven’t decided yet what I plan to use. Will peruse the stash but I think a trip to the quilt shop is in order to see what combination might jump out at me. 🙂

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