Thursday EQ play

I need a baby quilt for a friend and have been playing with EQ on some simple little designs.  The baby’s room is brown and green and yellow color scheme but I think I need to add in some girly pink to go with that brown.  The flower one still needs some more work – need to  change the border on that one but haven’t made my mind up yet.   Plus I think it will look better with maybe very pale fabrics in the background – different creams or fabrics with just the palest pinks and green in them.   All depends on what fabrics I find.  May just decide to go baby prints too.  So many decisions but I’ll wait till I get to a fabric store and then figure out what I want to make since there’s no kids/baby fabrics in the stash and definitely no pink. 🙂


4 comments on “Thursday EQ play

  1. Both cute quilts!

    I have 2 to make…think they’re both having girls…first shower is in 2 weeks and I haven’t started anything there…it’s for a co-worker’s daughter in law. The other is for a friend I worked with at the grocery store…he and his wife are having a girl…but I’m thinking I need to go pretty nongender neutral.

    • I bought myself extra time by waiting to find out whether it was a boy or a girl. LOL She doesn’t return to work for another month so I’d better get started soon.

    • Maybe at some point in the future. There’s several other free projects coming up I have to do first.

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