Continuous Chain BOM – Revised Yardage and Cutting Instructions Now Available

Click the link on the right sidebar for Continuous Chain to get the new file I just loaded.  The yardage estimate by EQ is a little different than the final yardage based on my cutting instructions – some fabrics a bit more, some a bit less – due to how I chose to piece things.  For instance, the pieced border was drawn so that it’s all half square triangles. I don’t know about you, but I can do WITHOUT having to make 288 of those darn things. :-)  So I changed up how some sections will be pieced (like all those HSTS) to get the same look, but I think that accounts for the yardage discrepancies. 

Attached to the revised yardage you will also find the cutting chart so have at it! You can get all your fabrics cut and you’ll be ready to start sewing come July 3.

Gardening update

The last two days have been spent mostly puttering in the dirt.  Here’s my little garden plot all planted.

  Three different tomatoes, a pepper plant, four kale, marigolds and behind the front row of marigolds I’ve got a row of lettuce seeds.  And a little glass and metal butterfly with bells hanging down on his feet is hanging in the center to guard it all.  He has stuff in his glass body that glows in the dark at night.  Doubt he’ll scare the birds or critters away but he’s cute.  



And many pots of flowers have been planted.



















And for those of you who know “sneaky snake” from the Texas quilt Romp, if you look closely you’ll see him hiding in the succulent plant in the bottom photo. :-)

Stashbusting Report

I totally forgot about stashbusting report yesterday — maybe because there hasn’t been much sewing this weekend.

I did use the equivalent of a half yard for a potholder and binding for a spring potholder swap – not much of a dent. :-)

So a total of 89.5 busted.

But here’s the Defrag quilt with it’s binding finally done. 

Saturday Sewing….

Well so far only a little Saturday Sewing.  First and most important, I remembered to preorder my EQ7 so now have to try to patiently wait for that to arrive next month.   I worked a little on the binding on the Defrag quilt while I waited for a friend to pick me up for breakfast.  After breakfast we headed to the garden center. 

 In addition to my many empty pots which needs some lovely flowers in them, the apartment complex has created a garden area so I have a little plot this year to plant some veggies in.  My space is only about a 6′ by 6′ plot or so but I just want a couple of plants in there anyway.  I picked up three heirloom tomatoes – one Cherokee tomato and a pineapple (yellow) tomato (both beefstake types) and a red pear tomato.  Also a gypsy pepper.  Even remembered the tomato cages this time since when I grew tomatoes in my pots I had to get very creative with tying them up so this will be much easier.  If there’s room left, I may pick up some leaf lettuce seeds to sow also.  And a few little mini marigolds to plant along the edges.

Then there’s three large bags of potting medium waiting for me to plant the flowers.  Most of my little patio area is shady or only partial sun so there’s coleus, double begonias, a double geranium who’s name I can’t remember that likes partial sun, some ornamental peppers (one plant red and yellow and the other plant purple), and a whole bunch of others that I can’t remember off the top of my head.  Everything is mostly purple with a bit of yellow  – oh yes and some pretty thing that is supposed to attrack butterflies.  So my plan for early tomorrow morning is to get the garden plants in since it’s too hot this afternoon and we’re supposed to get a bit of rain tomorrow night.  I may work on some of the flower pots later when the sun goes away from the table on the patio so I can work in the shade.  It’s in the low 80s out there – not bad since there’s a breeze but a far change from the many years I went camping on Memoriald Day weekend and we froze at the campgrounds.   It’s definitely a much warmer spring but I’m not complaining.

  Also came home with fresh picked rhubarb from my friend’s garden and some fresh thyme from her herb garden.  So now to decide, rhubarb pie?  rhubarb crisp? so many decisions! :-)

Hi Ho Hi Ho back to work I go

Dang – I really should have taken the whole week off — what was I thinking. :-)  Oh well – it’s just two days and tghen more quilting time. :-)   Earlier this afternoon I finished making one of the little basket blocks and since I needed a spring potholder for a swap – added a flowerdy print around it, quilted it and just the binding to finish pinning and  hand stitch down.   

Wednesday Happenings

My last day of vacation – until the three day weekend – and I’m pretty much hopping from item to time but may settle down to one task soon.  Got the slate table legs back on so dragged that out to the patio along with the two chairs ande cushions so decided I needed to christen it with a cup of coffee this morning and flipping though a couple quilt magazines while listening to the wrens who have moved into my birdhouse screech at me.  I also took this photo of Crop Circles outside (getting tired of seeing this quilt?) :-)  – the colors still look off but it’s such a pretty backdrop with the flowers which are no longer overpoweringly sweet smelling — the close up shows the true colors somewhat better.  The yellow always looks glaringly bright for some reason when I take the whole quilt photo but as you can see in the close up, it’s a much softer color.  That’s the last time you should have to see this project until I get it all finished.  But for now  it’s going to get put on the shelf for a little while so I can finish the quilting on some other projects before I get around to quilting this one.

The I turned on the computer and opened EQ – bad move as I’ve spent a while playing there instead of doing the other things I wanted to get started on.  But then it’s vacation so I don’t really care about what I don’t get done. :-)

I love the look of basket quilts – pieced baskets, appliqued baskets, empty baskets, full baskets, on point baskets – doesn’t matter what kind they are I just love them for some reason.  Here’s a simple basket project I was playing with today in EQ.

I’ve been thinking about using this basket block for a block swap – a quick little paperpieced block but will need to see how much interest there is and sew a few to see if I like them as much sewn up.  Just plain little brown baskets – there’s something sort of soothing about the simplicity of it all.

It’s 1:45 p.m. – the quilting elves never came to bring me breakfast or lunch!  So guess I’ll have to go find something myself, drat them!


Tuesday afternoon progress

It’s been a busy afternoon of sewing. Here’s Crop Circles with the pieced border added.  Just a plain border left to go. This photo is awful – very dark and murky looking compared to the actual quilt but the thunderstorms keep rolling through so it’s dark and murky outside.  I’ll have to get a better picture of it in true daylight.  So now to cut the final border and also the binding while I’m at it and get those done.  Then I have to clean up the incredible mess I’ve made in the sewing rooom – rulers, fabric scraps and thread tails everywhere.

Tuesday Morning Progress

The missing Crop Circle blocks have been replaced with some new blocks and the top is now sewn together.  I need to watch more boring movies while I sew because somewhere along the line I wasn’t paying close enough attention and one corner of the top I’ve got the blocks turned a quarter turn differently than I had originally planned.  But it’s not necessarily a bad thing – just different than the original plan  – so I think I will leave it.

Now to see if I can actually get the borders on without messing those up. :-)

Design Wall Monday Revisited

Well the batik blocks I had on the wall earlier today are all baggie together to work on another day. I was going to set some of them together but in searching the stash – no Kona black left in there which is what I need to add on to the Kat blocks to make them a bit longer.  So, have a shopping list on the shelf next to the design wall with the Kona black on it (and which project I need it for) along with Kona Snow since I need that to finish another project so hopefully I’ll remember them next time I go fabric shopping.

In the meantime, pulled out my Crop Circle blocks so I could start sewing them into sections.

But what’s wrong with this picture.  Yep – there are blocks missing which I couldn’t find anywhere! (And I made a very nice mess pulling things apart looking for them.)  Then I remembered the box of scraps I gave to a friend for the after school project for underprivileged kids she works with.  Yep, after talking to her, discovered somehow I had gotten them in her box.  And some of the kids finished them into Mother’s Day pillows for their Moms.  She felt horrible but hey – it was my fault and I often send her leftover blocks so there was no way she could have known.  Actually, I can think of no nicer use for them! 

 The four corners are supposed to have “petal” blocks like the two large ones in the center but no way I’m remaking all those petals. :-)  I’ll just use a different circle design to fit in those spots so not big deal.  And it lets me shift things around a bit – the upper right corner has too many blocks with the dark paisley background so as I make new blocks I’ll shift some of those around a bit to spread the colors more evenly.  And I found one of the other fabrics from the same fabric line I hadn’t used at all so I’ll add some of that into the new blocks I’m making (that green plain square in the upper right corner – it will be background for that block.  So it all works out.

She says the kids are now making kites.  I told her to stop by and I’ll have kite tails galore for her – those precut strips in the scrap pile with be perfect — but I’ll be making sure I’m not tossing any blocks I need in her bag. ROFLOL

So time to fire up the grill for dinner and cut out some more circle blocks to applique tonight!

Design Wall Monday

Here’s what’s on the design wall — for the moment. I was digging through a swap/UFO box and found… well much like cleaning out the fridge.. I found Leftovers … the triangle blocks and brick blocks on right are left over  from projects made years ago.    We (The Quilting Post) did a batik FQ block swap for a year, each month a different color (hence my plentiful batik FQ collection) and hence these blocks – the bricks were the background for an applique quilt pattern I designed for the swappers.   The batik kats were one of many cat swaps we also did.  These are the stray kitties that didn’t make it into the first project I made from these swap blocks – so yes, there were quite a few of them to start with.   I found these blocks in two different swap boxes so have gathered them together, along with a huge bag of batik hearts appliqued on black.  Somehow they will all be used together.  Perhaps in a row by row style.  But after getting them up on the design wall, decided I’m really kind of tired of batiks at the moment (after and still working on the wedding quilt) and I have to be in the right mood to work on a quilt where I need to put various sizes all together and work out the math, etc.,  so these will probably be coming  back down to make room for my Crop Circles quilt which I want to lay out all the pieces of.  However, this time, these “leftovers” will all be bagged up together so I don’t have to go searching for any of them.

The search in the UFO boxes started because I was looking for this little block which I knew was in there somewhere.

  It too was a left over from a garden themed swap and I need to make a spring themed potholder for a swap and kew this cute  (despite the blurry photo) little basket block with seed packets was in those boxes somewhere.  So I also got sidetracked by a trip down memory lane in those boxes – all the swaps, the participants, etc.  But finally put them away so I can get to some real sewing.


Here’s all the backing I ended up piecing for the wedding quilt.  As I was looking at this laying on the floor, even tho I didn’t like the fabrics I had dyed separately (too much white in many of them that if cut up in pieced blocks it would have looked wrong or I didn’t care for the color), sewing them all together in big swatches like this – that would have made a pretty picnic/beach quilt – all that color just quilted up.  But it is a great backing for wedding quilt too which is now all pin basted and ready to have the quilting started.  But I think the quilting will wait until after vacation – I’ve got some other little projects I want to work on while I’m off work.