EQ7 is Coming!!!

If you read my blog you know how much I love using EQ to design quilts.  EQ has announced their latest version EQ7 is soon to hit the marketplace with lots of new features.  They are running a contest through some of their bloggers.  They will pick 10 of the bloggers to run an EQ contest on their blog.  The blogger gets a free copy and they then run a contest on their blog for blog readers to enter and one person from each contest will win a copy also.  How cool is that!  So stayed tuned.  On May 3 they randomly pick which blogs will run the contests so my fingers are crossed that I get chosen and then you too can enter to win so be sure to check back.

EQ has led me to fun avenues in quilting.  Through posting of some of my EQ projects in their Quilt Gallery, which shows the EQ drawing of a quilt alongside the actual finished quilt, an employee of Hoffman California Fabrics saw my designs, liked them, and asked me to design projects in EQ for some of their fabric lines.  It has been great fun.  You can find a link on the right column of my blog which will take you to the three free projects I’ve done for Hoffman so far.  Without EQ, this would never have been possible.

And continuing with EQ fun, many of you have emailed asking whether I had a pattern for the Crocus Clusters quilt I drew in EQ6 shown below.

I have bought my fabrics to make it and will be writing up the directions as I make mine.  Once they are done, I’ll be posting this project to the blog as another Justquiltin weekend project so you’ll be able to make your own version of this quilt.  So check back for an announcement sometime next month as to when this pattern will be available for you to download.


I EQ… do you?



2 comments on “EQ7 is Coming!!!

  1. Wow, Denise, that sounds so neat for the EQ. Sadly, Apple doesn’t support it without getting windows, which I won’t do, so I will just have to enjoy the fruits of your labors! Which I will when you have another Justquiltin weekend project for that great crocus clusters quilt! Janet P.

    • I know I can always tempt you Janet! 🙂 Glad you’ll be joinin in on the crocus clusters quilt. I’m anxious to get started on it.

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