Defrag quilt

 I’ve worked a couple nights this week for a couple hours and here’s the pile of blocks so far for the Defrag quilt. Just four more to make and I can start playing with the layout. 

And here’s the latest sock finished last night.  Good thing I bought two hanks of this yarn since this pattern eats up a lot of it compared to other socks I made.  But the pattern stitch makes it thicker and it will be nice and warm next winter — once I get the second one made. 🙂  This one has taken a bit longer to make because I usually don’t carry the stitch pattern across the top of the foot but decided to and kept messing up.  Plus I’ve been busy piecing and appliquing in the evenings. Only half of a Crop Circle block to finish the applique on and I’ll have all the center blocks done.

See that lovely circle of red in front of the state capital (which I cut the dome off of in the photo).  It’s tulip time!

Here they up close – isn’t that a gorgeous color combination.