Saturday Sewing

Having yesterday off I’m so confused as to what day of the week it is.  I was searching for my favorite Saturday night shows on tv last night … DUH! No it was Friday.  I got up this morning thinking I had to go to work tomorrow and was very happy when I realized no, it’s only Saturday!  As long as I don’t mistakenly head off to work tomorrow morning life will be good.

Part of my playing with EQ last night (and in the wee hours of the morning) finally led me to a decision on nephew’s graduation quilt design.  I wanted something “graphic” looking and of course it can’t be “girly.” 🙂 I love the serendipity button in EQ – put a block in a layout and then just hit the button and let it flip the block around.  You can get some really neat designs that way.  That’s what I did with this one. 


   Here’s what one block looks like and with a few clicks of the serendipity button,  here’s what I came up with.

Haven’t decided what will happen with the borders yet.  I originally thought about using the college colors which are red and short of a cheddary yellow gold but every time I pulled out those fabrics and put them next to each other I just thought UGHHH.  So decided against them.   The blue fabric is a Laurel Burch tone on tone from the Dancing Horses line.






I probably won’t use white – his mother would probably appreciate me NOT giving a college freshman a quilt with white in it – dorm room life may take it’s toll on it so I’ve got  a light tan tone on tone in the stash I need to scan to see how it will look with it.

I went in search of more of the black fabric I needed to finish the last border of Stacked Spools only to discover I didn’t buy it at the quilt shop here in town.  Oh well, found another very similar so that’s what I will use.


 Here’s another design I was playing with – it’s not quite right yet – so still a design in progress.

Today’s agenda – work on the borders for the auction quilt and get started on my nephew’s quilt.  So I’d better get busy.



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  1. I haven’t played with the serendipity button yet in EQ 6. Now I will just have to experiment with it. The Morgan block is really sharp looking.

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