Friday’s Quilting Accomplishments

Great progress has been made on the large charity auction quilt today.   Main blocks are joined with their pieced sashings.  I wasn’t so sure I really liked the border I had originally drawn shown here.  So played with a bit more and changed it just a little  – the background print would have looked really chopped up in the first border so here’s the EQ rendition with the actual fabrics I’m using and the border change.  Besides I love that green print fabric so wanted to use more of it; it’s got flecks of the purple color it it.  I’ve just got the plain border and the pieced one left to add. 

But turning on EQ really sidetracked the rest of my night.  First there was this month’s installment of the Crop Circles BOM to finish writing up.  Then I had to play with the Crop Circle design a while  because I’m trying to figure out if I want to make my final border scrappy or all one fabric.  Still undecided on that.

The I pulled up an old design I hadn’t finished to tweak a bit.  But while looking at that block, sit inspired a different block design so had to skip to a new project to draw that one up before I forgot what the idea was.  Now, 5 hours later…. yes I said time slipped away….(as did the design once when I was cleaning out reject blocks and accidentally deleted the one I wanted to keep and had to start over again.  I hate it when I do that!)  But in the end several new potential designs.

I really like the look of the old quilts that are made up of four large blocks.  The auction quilt above is based on that sort of layout – however that one mostly ended up as four large blocks because one block is made up of so many different strips ghat I didn’t want to be sewing skinny little strips or I’d never get it done so they were based on an easy size strip to sew and figure the math with.

This is the latest four block  quilt I’ve been working on this evening – or should I say morning since I just realized it’s after 2 a.m. 🙂    Its theme is timely since the spring flowers are just starting to pop up and bloom here.  The colors remind me of crocuses.  I haven’t decided if I’m enamoured with the border yet so will do some thinking on that tomorrow.









There’s a few more designs I’ve made some progress on but I’ll save those for another day.  I’ve got to head out for breakfast with a friend in just a few hours so I’d better go to bed. 🙂

Don’t forget if you are doing the Crop Cricles BOM – April installment is posted.


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  1. This is absolutely beautiful and it looks like crocus’s to me too. I would love to make this quilt and I also think the border is perfect. Did you design this?

  2. Thanks Sherry. Yes it is one I designed. It may be a project for a future Justquiltin weekend. 🙂

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