March Crop Circles

The March Crop Circles pattern has been added and is ready for download.

Here’s the Sea Squall socks.  I ended up needing to use more than one hank of yarn and now I see why if you use more than one they tell you to switch between the two – the foot of one sock – yes it’s not just the photo it is lighter in color since that’s where the second hank was used.  But, it acutally is much more noticeable in the picture than on the foot.  They are very comfy and warm.

Here’s the next sock in the works.  They will be a birthday gift for my sister.

One is now finished and if I finish the second this weeked I’ll be back on track with my one pair a week goal.

Now to get a mini quilt finished so it can go out in Monday’s mail and get another quilt cut out.