Knock Knock

No that’s not the start of a joke.  A very important thing to remember, if you go knocking on someone’s door at 1:00 in the morning, make sure you are knocking on the correct door.  Why?  Well there may be a quilter inside at the hour of the morning, rotary cutter in hand, squaring up blocks.  A knock on the door could startle the heck out of her.  Never startle a quilter wielding a rotary cutter.  Bad things are guaranteed to happen.  No, no blood involved  – managed not to slice any fingers but not such a good turnout for part of the stack of blocks I had already squared up  – they got sliced!!   Sliced swap blocks not a good thing!!!  Makes that quilter very angry when the “knocker” suddenly realized he was supposed to be knocking on my next door neighbor’s door.  SHEESH!!

On a brighter note – after several hours spent in the sewing room last night – it is nearly clean!  Just a container or two of accumulated little “stuff” that needs to be put back where it belongs and figure out which way I want the table oriented.   Then I can finally get started on cutting fabrics for my niece’s quilt.  I did finally get that potholder finished at least.