CROP CIRCLES and missing blocks – the final word

Well after clearly stating on the BOM page nearly five months ago my rule that the blocks would be up for a month, taken down when the new months’ block replaced it, and past blocks were not available, and repeating that in a separate post to clarify, I continue to get many emails and comments this week requesting and practically demanding them.  Demanding may be a misinterpretation – it’s prone to happen when you are simply reading emails and not actually speaking with a person – so they are open to interpretation by the reader but to me that is clearly how some of them are coming across.

 All the rules for this BOM were posted three months before the first block was ever posted.  Nearly 1,000 people downloaded that first block.  WOW!  I never imagined such a response.  This design was originally done for an on line quilting group who is also doing it  simultaneously as it is posted to the blog and hope you enjoy the pattern.   I decided to also include it on my blog so others had access to it and not just our list members. However if I had know what a headache it would be, I may have decided against it. 

Many websites and blogs offer FREE patterns — yes remember they are free, it’s not like you’re missing out on something you paid for — and they offer them for a limited time (just as I have chosen to do) and once they are removed they are no longer available.  Some places choose to sell them after they are taken down.  I choose not to.   Just like you can choose what blogs to read or not to read, what patterns to make or not to make, I can choose how I wish to make MY patterns available on MY blog.   I have no control over other websites that posted a link to my blog stating  the BOM was “new” – they obviously missed finding it before it started.  I have no control over when you find my blog, so you may have missed the first month’s block.  If you don’t think that’s fair, you’re entitled to our opinion but to quote the old cliché – who said life was fair.  I don’t think it’s fair to have to keep answering the same questions over and over. I have much more enjoyable ways to spend my limited free time.

So that’s it – end of discussions regarding missing blocks.  Anymore emails requesting them will be ignored, please don’t post any more comments requesting them or telling me it’s not fair – they will not be approved, be deleted, be ignored, or you’ll be sent to the spam file.

On a far more constructive note – if you’ve missed the first month, or miss any month(s) along the way, there are still many options available to you if you wish to make this project.   When  we get to the layout of the quilt – you should easily be able to figure out what blocks you’re missing and what size they need to be to fit in.  You can repeat some of the other blocks, come up with a design of your own – they’re just simple circular designs so any circular design would fit in nicely, or put in a plain block and plan some gorgeous quilting design to set it off.  Use your own creativity and imagination and add it to the project.

Finally, I’m reminded of a favorite saying some friend and I use with each other when one of us is being whiney…time to put on the big girl panties and get over it. 🙂