Great Balls ‘o Yarn!

Remember all that new sock yarn I bought – my own personal crusade to get the economy back on track – or at least that’s my story. 🙂  Well I spent many hours last night keeping the ballwinder and swift busy winding all those hanks into balls.  I’ve still got two hanks left to do of the newest stuff but here’s what I did last night.

Aren’t they pretty! Now the downside of hanks versus balls is now they take up much more storage space so I need to find a home for them.  But so far, I’m managed to finish a pair of socks a week for the last three or four weeks.  Not bad.   Course there’s more winding to be done since I know there’s several more hanks of yarn in the yarn basket stash.  But wouldn’t these make a pretty display stacked on a shelf with all those colors?

Course what’s not shown in the photo is the very first ball I wound – didn’t realize the ball winder wasn’t connected together quite right and it’s a wonky looking thing! 🙂 

Here’s the pair I finished Friday night – made from one of the newer yarns.  The biggest decision is which yarn to use next.  I know what pattern – I’ve been wanting to try Sea Squall Socks from Knitting the Perfect Pair by Dorothy T. Ratigan.  The leg has a really neat looking pattern is actually stitched on straight needles around the leg before continuing as normal in the round on the foot.  Should be interesting.




Speaking of pretty… just look at these gorgeous January Crop Circle blocks made by friend Janet P — it’s going to be a gorgeous quilt. Thanks for letting me share them Janet!





Here’s my sewing progress so far today.  Top section of the M quilt is sewn into rows and attached.  One side section is already sewn so now onto the bottom .  I’m hoping to have the top finished by the end of the weekend.






And lastly, there was a little cooking and baking going on here today.  Here’s my first attempt at focaccia bread with met with a few obstacles… like no rosemary in the spice drawer so substituted sesame seeds on top which I really like anyway – and then not a drop of olive oil to be found. When did I use the last of that?!  But I did have olive oil spray so sprayed it with that.  It tastes yummy but would be better with the actual olive oil drizzled on it instead of sprayed — next time.  It will accompany the homemade french onion soup, which turned out scrumptious, for dinner tonight.


Now back to those quilt rows.