Design Wall Monday

 I got most of the “M” quilt up on the design wall (ran out of wall along the bottom) and yesterday got the section on the left sewn together. So there is some progress.  (ignore the messy table at the bottom of the photo) 🙂


Another pair of socks finished this weekend.  It’s my own secret delight to look all business like in my blue suit today but peaking out underneath, these socks.   Well not entirely secret since there’s several gals who know I knit socks so when I kicked off my boots in the coat closet and walked stocking footed to my desk to get my shoes, they got rave reviews.

Update note:  if you’re doing the Crop Circles BOM, friend Janet P – eagle eye – caught an error – I forgot to have you cut one square that is used in this month’s installment.  An updated page is loaded but if you have already printed it, rather than waste the ink, just mark the correction listed in my note added to the BOM page.  I also got an email question as to fabrics left over after you cut all the instructions for February.  No, you are not done cutting fabric yet — we haven’t cut any of the border sections, just what’s necessary for the next couple of monthly installments.  Border cutting instructions will be coming when we get that far.

And lastly, there’s three new EQ6 files available for download.  See the “More EQ” page at right.



3 comments on “Design Wall Monday

  1. LOVE the socks! I want to know when your friends are going to be receiving socks????

    You’re coming right along on the M quilt. I like the way it’s going together.

  2. Like “M” quilt and the socks! Sure wish I could understand knitting. I did crochet a pair of socks years ago. Maybe I should pull the book back out…

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