Today’s visitor

 I heard some loud chirping going on outside my door and thought maybe the squirrels were annoying the birds at the feeders but it was just this noisy Woody Woodpecker come for a bit of lunch at the suet feeder.  He was definitely making his presence known.




It’s a bright and sunny day with the sun reflecting off all that new snow.  I’m very tired of winter, especially since until Tuesday, I had managed to stay upright in all the ice and snow.  But of course that has ended after I took a dive down the outside snow covered steps. So have spent two days with the heating pad being my friend along with the ibuprofen and finally this afternoon am able to move around a bit better.  I did have a hold of the railing but that most just succeeded in giving my shoulder a good yank.  Could have been worse so I’m not complaining…. too much.  But should be able to make my way to the bus stop tomorrow to head back to work.  Just have to move about every so often so I don’t get too stiff.  Not a fun way to spend two days but I did get started on that new sock yarn.  It’s knitting up with a sort of ripple pattern to it.  I was getting tired of the standard old knit one purl one rib so did a sort of basket weave ribbing instead.









6 comments on “Today’s visitor

  1. I can sympathize with the falling! Always is a surprise to feel oneself going down! Glad you will be able to get back to work. I like your socks! That basket weave is neat.

    • Yes I really like the basket weave – it’s just sort of putzy. I have another sock that the entire leg is done in that stitch which looks really nice …hmmmm need to finish the mate to that one!

  2. Denise, I am so sorry that you have fallen and hurt yourself!.but am glad that you will be well enough to go back to work tomorrow. Take care!!

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