Merry Christmas!

 A very Merry Christmas to all.  Here it’s a dreary, wet day.  Started raining (and icing) yesterday, warmed up overnight and melted the ice, still raining and melting some snow, but it’s all supposed to turn back to snow later today.  Let’s just say its wet and damp – in some for or another – out there so I’ll gladly stay snug inside.  I did go fill the birdfeeders  but those couple of feet from the door were all I traveled.

So today will be spent watching holiday movies and working on a gift I need finished by New Year’s – a doodle drawn by one of my bosses that I’ve scanned into EQ to retrace and will be making him a little wallhanging of.  Couldn’t he have used something other than all those irregular and point shapes ?? They take a while to trace. 

There’s smoked pork chops, baked potato and pineapple casserole on the menu for tonight along with homemade rolls I made yesterday.   Yum!