Yes, we actually now have snow on the ground.  About 3″ of the fluffy stuff fell Thursday night in very short order and of course during the commute home from work which always makes it oh so fun.  It’s very pretty, tho, lining all the tree limbs.  But it was 50 one day last week and now about 20 so quilte a temperature change.  But all the way through November we really had mild temps so I’m trying to be grateful for hat and ignore the fact that the high temp next Thursday is only 19 degrees!  This was taken just as the snow stopped.

I’ve been so derelict in updating the blog but have been busy – socks, many socks, had to be made. Whew – they are done.

Here’s the last two pairs I finished.

And there’s even been a little quilting – just finished off the bindings on these potholders

and I’ve got a holiday wallhanging I quilted last weekend that I just need to cut some binding for and get it sewn on. Oh yes, and four other potholders are waiting their bindings to be sewn down.  I might actually get to keep a couple of the potholders for myself this time!  And all of them made out of the stash even.

As I was searching for the mittens and scarfs – which I found – but if you find a pair of brown winter boots please let me know.  Mine are being very elusive at the moment so I need to mount a search!  Anyway, while pulling out the scarfs I came upon this shawl which I had totally forgotten about.  I had finished it right before the weather was nice enough to pack away the winter stuff so it’s never been used.

It’s lovely warm and cozy and perfect to wrap around my shoulders if I’m sitting and stitching, knitting or reading.  It will keep me toasty this winter.  But that fringe – I think it’s going to have to go.  The uncut edges of the yarn pull apart just like pulling on cotton candy.  After using it for just a few hours this evening, it has “shed” all over the chair.




And finally, here’s the pair of socks I started for me.  I really like the way the yarn is knitting up and the pattern stitch.