Mini Quilt Swap Received!!

What did I find in my mailbox today but the mini quilt from the summer mini quilt swap!

Here it is

1005190004  It’s called Dancing Daisys.  Thank you Sheree!! It’s lovely.  I love the background fabrics you used (I love bright colors) and the raw edge appliqued daisies with button centers are so cute. And she’s even got the quilt name along with her name and year appliqued on the lower front edges.   For now, it brightens up that chair in my living room where I can see and enjoy it and adds a nice spark of color to that corner of my living room.  She also wrapped it in a pretty piece of fabric with lovely ribbon — will have to find something to use them in – and sent a lovely tote bag that has a piece of the same fabric from the quilt on it.  The tote will definitely get used to carry my purse and lunch and all the othe stuff I drag to and from work each day.  Again, thank you Sheree for the great goodies!