e knit  hats, scarfs, afghans, baby layettes, sweaters, slippers, and living in Wisconsin – enough mittens that I can make them without looking at a pattern.  None of those items have their own special month.  And being new to sock knitting, I was ignorant until recently of that apparently well known (to many, just not me) sock knitter’s event, Socktoberfest.  Hmm.. a month to celebrate sock knitting.. does Hallmark have a card for that??  But I really like knitting socks – such a great portable project to grab and go.  So when  Judy L. mentioned Socktoberfest on her blog earlier this week and set out her goals I decided I should join in as well.

Now, I’ve seen Judy’s socks and they’re gorgeous  and were what made finally decide to  try knitting socks within the last year.  And she mentioned one of her favorite places to buy sock yarn on line — well I had to check it out and with a few clicks a beginner pattern, needles and gorgeous yarn was headed my way. (I need to stop paying attention to Judy – she’s costing me money!) LOL  But then maybe she’s just doing her best to keep me off the streets and out of trouble!  So now I’m going to have to set some goals for Socktoberfest I suppose. 🙂    So here goes…


1) I want to finish the mates to both of these pairs – this should be doable since both mates have at least already  been started.

2) I want to at least get started (if not finish)  a new pair using this pattern.  Haven’t decided on the yarn yet but have plenty to choose from.  Most of my socks (okay – I’ve only “finished” one pair but have 4 single socks done) have been either the pattern shown on the left or a total ribbed leg sock.  Both very simple so I want to branch out to something just a little different and I like just the simple little lace insert down the sides in that pattern.  I like patterns I can easily memorize and not have to pay close attention to or follow a chart.

3) I would also like to start on this pattern.  A little more adventurous than the last pattern but shouldn’t be too bad.

Now since I’m going to be doing all this sock knitting (which will all be Christmas gifts so I do need to get moving along) I had to stop and pick up a few supplies.  I needed point protectors since I keep dropping stitches off my needles when traveling with the sock in process to and from work (yes I’m very adept at picking up those dropped stitches) and I also needed some different size needles for one of the patterns I want to try.  Well…. there happened to be a bit of a sale on sock yarn. Yes, some of that yarn came home with me, however the camera flash is washing it out – the colors are much more wonderful than they look in that photo.1005190006


But hey – I did remember the point protectors and the new needles! 

Now look at this pattern – green and purple – great sock colors and the design is half square triangles – the perfect socks for a quilter!!But it looks a bit too putzy for me to want to try it, but may be some day – they are just fun looking socks tho!  Course I’d need to find the right purple and green yarns before I could possibly start them!

So off the computer and on to some socks!