No quilting so far this week – but some knitting

I finished off the sock I was working on – another pair mated up.  Then right away I started on the mate to finish off another pair that was started so I wouldn’t be tempted to dig into some new hank of yarn and create another lonely single sock.  So I’m working on the heel of the current one.

The pepper plant I let go to red – well they are really red now and nearly ready for picking.  A few days more and I should be able to pick them all and they will be done.  And I’m swimming in tomatoes.  All those romas I thought would get ripe – well they finally did and nearly alll at once.  But they are so good.  I may freeze a few containers of them to use in casseroles, etc. just so I don’t have to eat them at every meal.. but I’m not complaining. They taste so much better than store bought!

Pictures of finished socks still need to be taken! and I have to figure out what I want to finish /start? for Socktoberfest!