What’s on the Design wall today?


It’s Baxter Bear’s Wild Ride.  Last week I had the side borders pieced but not attached, not the entire pieced border has been added.  I was going to add another one but I think I like it this size.  May applique some holly and berries in the corner sections but will stare at it a bit longer to decide if I really want to or not.  I also just realized that he’s supposed to have a tiny holly and berry design on the front curved section of his sled I haven’t added yet either.  But with his goggles and scarf flapping in the breeze, he’s ready for a run down the snowy hill.

Checked the mailbox today and what did I find…..

1005150002  The lovely needle case and yummy cherry red sock yarn that I won from one of Judy L’s giveaways.  Thank you Judy!!! Now the dilemma …. finish socks I already have started or start new ones with this yarn! Decisions decisions!  But I do have the mate to another pair nearly finished… down to the last couple of rows… so should get that one done tonight.  Then I’ll have to look into the sock yarn basket and see how many single socks still need mates. Once the current one is done, that’s at least two pairs I have finished without starting a new pair so there’s progress in getting all those socks paired up.  May need to finish up the others first and wait to start the red ones since the others will be Christmas gifts and the red ones will be mine mine all mine. 🙂

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